17.01 Bisacodyl (Dulcolax)

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Generic Name


Trade Name



Treatment of constipation, bowel regimen


Stimulates enteric nerves to cause peristalsis which leads to fluid accumulation in the colon

Therapeutic Class


Pharmacologic Class

Stimulant laxatives

Nursing Considerations

• May lead to hypokalemia
• May cause abdominal pain and cramps
• Not for use within 1 hour of taking milk product
• Assess for abdominal distention and bowel function
• Instruct patient to drink 1500-2000 mL/day during therapy
• Monitor fluid and electrolyte levels
• Instruct patient to take as ordered

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A nurse is performing an intake assessment on an older adult. While taking the client’s history, the nurse discovers that the client used over-the-counter laxatives for years in order to promote bowel regularity. Based on the nurse’s knowledge of laxative use, the nurse knows that in this situation, the client is at risk for which of the following?

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