26.02 Betamethasone and Dexamethasone in Pregnancy

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  1. Purpose: to accelerate fetal lung maturity and decrease severity of respiratory distress
  2. Given IM, 2-4 doses in divided doses  over 48 hours

Nursing Points


  1. Given to moms that are in preterm labor  
  2. Medications to accelerate the fetal lung development
  3. Delaying preterm labor for even 48 hours is helpful and allows time to give corticosteroids
  4. Note:  benefits no longer justifiable at 35 weeks


  1. Contractions
  2. Assess mother’s blood sugar
    1. Steroids = hyperglycemia
  3. Monitor for infection

Therapeutic Management

  1. Monitoring mother for infection signs
  2. Treat hyperglycemia
  3. Monitor labor and fetal heart rate

Nursing Concepts

  1. Fetal development
  2. Oxygenation
  3. Gas exchange

Patient Education

  1. Medication education

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