Trauma – Assessment (Emergency) Nursing Mnemonic



  • A-Airway
  • B-Breathing
  • C-Circulation
  • D-Disability
  • E-Expose / Examine
  • F-Full set of Vitals
  • G-Give Comfort Measures
  • H-Head to Toe Assessment
  • I-Inspect Posterior


Rapid assessment and treatment of the trauma patient is essential to their overall survival. Working through this framework will aid in remembering where to focus your efforts. Always remember your ABC and patient safety. Once those have been secured, you can move on to less vital components.

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A nurse is caring for a client who has cut their hand with a kitchen knife. The client is bleeding through the kitchen towel that is wrapped around their hand and reports 8/10 pain. What is the priority nursing intervention for this client?

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