Fetal Wellbeing Assessment Tests Nursing Mnemonic



  • A-Amniocentesis
  • L-L/S Ratio
  • O-Oxytocin Test
  • N-Non-Stress Test
  • E-Estriol Level


An amniocentesis is performed during the prenatal period. A needle is inserted to obtain a sample of amniotic fluid, which can be used to identify chromosomal abnormalities. L/S ratio compares lecithin– phosphatidyl choline to sphingomyelin to identify infant lung maturity. The oxytocin test measures fetal heart rate during contractions induced by oxytocin. A non-stress test measures fetal heart rate while baby is at rest and while baby is moving. Estriol levels in mother’s blood can be a marker for fetal well-being.

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