Anorexia – Signs and Symptoms Nursing Mnemonic



  • A-Amenorrhea
  • N-No organic factors accounts for weight loss
  • O-Obviously thin but feels FAT
  • R-Refusal to maintain normal body weight
  • E-Epigastric discomfort is common
  • X-X-symptoms (peculiar symptoms)
  • I-Intense fears of gaining weight
  • A-Always thinking of food


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by low body weight and periods of starvation or binging and purging. The lack of adequate nutrition and fat stores can lead to amenorrhea. Patients with anorexia will feel fat even if underweight, as anorexia is an unhealthy way to cope with emotional problems. Binging and purging can lead to damage of the GI tract and epigastric discomfort. Some peculiar symptoms may also be seen: abnormal blood counts, bluish discoloration of the fingers, hair that thins, breaks or falls out, or soft downy hair covering the body.

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