Probable Signs of Pregnancy Nursing Mnemonic



  • C-Chadwicks – bluish discoloration of lower uterine segment
  • H-Hegar – softening of lower uterine segment
  • O-Outlining of Fetal Body
  • P-Positive pregnancy test – presence of gonadotropin in urine
  • B-Ballotement – sinking and rebound of fetus
  • U-Uterine Enlargement – at 12 weeks gestation felt just above symphsis pubis
  • G-Goodells – Softening of the cervix
  • S-Souffle, Contraction and Braxton Hicks (painless contraction at 28 weeks)


Probable and positive signs and symptoms of pregnancy. These signs indicate a likely pregnancy. Positive signs involve the presence of a heartbeat on ultrasound.

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