23.08 Rh Immune Globulin in Pregnancy

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  1. Indication
    1. Given during pregnancy to prevent the Rh negative mother from developing antibodies against the fetus
    2. Given after delivery to prevent the Rh negative mother from developing antibodies that could attack a future pregnancy

Nursing Points


  1. Given to moms at 28 weeks and with in 72 hours of delivery
  2. Given to moms anytime there is a possibility blood mixture has occurred
    1. Pregnancy loss
    2. Ectopic pregnancy
    3. Injury to abdomen
      1. Fall
      2. Car accident
  3. IM injection
  4. See Lesson on Erythroblastosis Fetalis.


  1. Verify Rh status of mother
    1. Only given to Rh negative patients
  2. Verify Rh status of newborn at delivery
    1. Cord blood
    2. Rh positive→ mother will receive Rhogam

Therapeutic Management

  1. Rhogam studies after delivery
  2. Rhogam given within 72 hours of delivery
    1. This is a blood product

Nursing Concepts

  1. Pharmacology
  2. Reproduction

Patient Education

  1. Why she is receiving
  2. IM injection

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