simclex nrsng

The worlds' most accurate NCLEX® simulator

Patent pending computer adaptive NCLEX® simulation created by NRSNG®.

Truly adaptive NCLEX® predictor

Did you know the NCLEX® is a computer adaptive test (CAT)? That means the test changes and adapts as you take it.

This can be scary for many test takers. Especially if they've never taken a CAT.

SIMCLEX™ is 100% fully computer adaptive just like NCLEX®. That means that the test responds to you - every question - every time.

Unlike other "adaptive" exams that just give you 100 questions and rationales (ummm that's not adaptive) and tell you a chance of passing NCLEX® - SIMCLEX™ actually adapts on the fly.


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simclex nrsng
  • NCLEX® simulator
    fully computer adaptive test
  • 6,000 NCLEX® style questions
    with detailed rationales and feedback
  • NCSBN trained question writers
    trained by the NCLEX® administrators
  • Patent pending
    the only patent pending NCLEX® simulator

You're Not Alone

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