The worlds' most accurate NCLEX® simulator

Patent pending computer adaptive NCLEX® simulation created by NRSNG.

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SIMCLEX™ looks and feels like NCLEX®

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No surprises on test day. SIMCLEX™ displays a similar testing environment to the real test down to the shape of the calculator.

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SIMCLEX™ uses similar computer adaptive algorithms to the NCLEX®. You get anywhere from 75-265 questions based on continual evaluation of your testing ability. No two tests are ever the same.

Truly adaptive NCLEX® predictor test

Did you know the NCLEX® is a computer adaptive test (CAT)? That means the test changes and adapts as you take it.

This can be scary to many test takers. Especially if they've never taken a CAT.

SIMCLEX™ is 100% fully computer adaptive just like NCLEX®. That means that the test responds to you - every question - every time.

Unlike other "adaptive" exams that just give you 100 questions and rationales (ummm that's not adaptive) and tell you a chance of passing NCLEX® - SIMCLEX™ actually adapts on the fly.

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Detailed rationales and feedback

Each test comes with highly detailed question rationales that include why each answer was right or wrong.

You can review entire tests and gauge your ability along with your overall pass or fail.

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SIMCLEX™ Reviews

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